About CO•RE

CO•RE is a nonpartisan group of citizen volunteers in Bloomington, Indiana that holds that white nationalism and associated ideologies conflict with fundamental American ideals of equal valuation and treatment of people. Our members include Republicans, Democrats, and independents who recognize the need for broad tolerance and civil discussion of diverse ideas about which we may strongly disagree. However, we believe that civil society must be inclusive of all people, regardless of race, religion, or country of origin, and that ideologies designed to exclude anyone on the basis of those features should be actively rejected by all citizens.

This website is intended only as the beginning of CO•RE. It is not intended to be the Bloomington community response to white nationalism—its purpose is to help inspire a community response that can be sustained as part of our area’s basic social infrastructure. We hope the site will help to raise awareness and make it easier for local schools, youth programs, agencies, faith communities, and residents of our community to work together towards this common goal.