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Responding to White Nationalism at Home

This section of the CO•RE site provides useful information and basic guidance to parents who are concerned about their children’s potential or actual engagement with white nationalism. Other concerned family members may find they can adapt the discussions on these pages according to their relationships to at-risk kids and their parents.

Different problems call for different responses

Every child is unique, and you will be the best judge of whether, when, and how to apply the information provided here. But there are some general lessons that specialists have found to be valuable. The most fundamental one is that the most effective way to respond will depend on the stage of your child’s engagement. For this reason, we have divided this portion of the CO•RE site into three parts, for parents concerned about young people who haven’t yet become engaged with white nationalism, those who are in the early stages of engagement, and those who are deeply engaged.

Although guidelines for different situations vary, a few general principles, listed in the box to the right, can serve as shorthand thoughts to keep in mind.

Some General Guidelines

  • Know the signs of engagement
  • Don’t jump to conclusions
  • Choose relaxed settings to talk
  • Avoid arguing
  • Listen and ask questions
  • Respond in a measured way
  • Reinforce strong family values
  • Always keep the door open