Brief overviews of anti-Semitism in white nationalism can be found in Eric Ward, Anti-Semitism at the Core of White Nationalism, and in the Western States Center (WSC), Confronting White Nationalism in Schools: A Toolkit. Some discussion of anti-Semitism and its connection to the conspiracy theory of “White Genocide” appears in most works on white nationalism, but our characterizations here relied chiefly on the online writings of white nationalists themselves, in particular, the Daily Stormer website, and the Occidental Observer webzine.

The clearest view of the core role of anti-Semitism in white nationalism, however, may be provided by The Turner Diaries, a widely read novel that has had enormous influence in the white nationalist movement. The Diaries has directly inspired multiple acts of domestic terrorism, including Timothy McVeigh’s 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building in Oklahoma City. The novel’s call to arms is straightforward in its depiction of Jews as its principal villains. Jewish manipulation of Black and other non-white peoples as tools to destroy the white race globally is portrayed as justification for a campaign of anti-Semitic genocide, which the narrative triumphantly depicts.

For an historical overview of the relationship between anti-Semitism and white nationalism globally, see, Kevan Feshami, Fear of White Genocide: Tracing the History of a Myth from Germany to Charlottesville.

Reports of recent anti-Semitic incidents in Bloomington and on the IU campus include articles in the Indiana Daily Student, the campus run News at IU, and Forward.