We rely chiefly on five sources for this page: Cynthia Miller-Idriss’s, Hate in the Homeland (especially its concluding chapter), as well as her article, Extremism Has Spread into the Mainstream; Christian Picciolini’s Breaking Hate; Kurt Braddock’s Weaponized Words (especially chapter 2); and Preben Bertelsen’s article, Danish Preventive Measures and De-radicalization Strategies: The Aarhus Model, which examines practical steps taken to build resistance to radicalization in response to recruitment by ISIS in Europe.

This brief page is designed to grow as groups and individuals in Bloomington and Monroe County contribute concrete ideas that can translate these broad principles into practices specific to our local area. We also hope to add to the CO•RE website a list of contacts in our local schools, volunteer groups, faith community, and other public and private agencies, who will be working together to address the issues raised on this site, and who are ready to assist residents seeking help.