The main source for this page was Kurt Braddock’s, Weaponized Words, especially chapter 4. Braddock provides models of how to approach conversations with young people who have been radicalized or prior to exposure to extremist ideas, and we have adapted one of these models here.

Braddock also explores adaptable approaches to deradicalization developed in Europe to counter recruitment by ISIS. The most successful is called the “Aarhus Model,” named for a Danish city that was able to end an unusually sharp rise in young people traveling abroad to fight on behalf of ISIS. The Aarhus model is detailed in Preben Bertelsen, Danish Preventive Measures and De-radicalization Strategies: The Aarhus Model. The Aarhus Model is principally a model to build resistance to extremism on the community level, but we have applied some of its ideas to the home context here.

In their own words

Our target audience is white males between the ages of 10 and 30. I include children as young as ten, because an element of this is that we want to look like superheroes. We want to be something that boys fantasize about being a part of.

  • Andrew Anglin on his Daily Stormer website, August 2017

Updated, October 2021