All the pages on the CO•RE site rely on information we have gathered from books, articles, and reliable online sources, and especially on guides prepared by experts who specialize in what white nationalism and other forms of extremism are, and how to respond to them.

For this page, we relied heavily on a guide produced by the Western States Center (WSC), Confronting White Nationalism in Schools: A Toolkit. The Toolkit discusses a variety of scenarios, indicating the way teachers, students, parents, and school administrators can respond productively in each context. The WSC has many helpful things to say about the student role.

This page was also influenced by a brochure called, School Response to Bullying, Intolerance, and Hate. This guide was produced by Not In Our Town (NIOT), an organization based in Oakland, California that has addressed the issue of bullying in schools in a number of publications.

If you want to know more about how we learned about white nationalism and the types of responses that experts recommend, you’ll find information in the “Sources & Discussion” sections of the other pages on the CO•RE site. If you’re interested in looking further, you might explore our Sources & Resources page, which lists all our sources together and talks a bit about each one.

Updated, October 2021